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I heard a pretty useless fact on the radio yesterday, it concerned a household item that’s been around for donkey’s years. It was re-developed in the 1960’s and hasn’t changed much since… any ideas?

Sales of this item have soared in the last few months…. any hotter?

Thinking about how our world has massively changed since the 60’s with technology…. Colour TV’s, thousands of stations, personal computers, smartphones, Facebook, Google, electric cars. It’s quite amazing that some things haven’t … have you got it yet?

Give in? It’s the humble rubber Hot Water Bottle. The only things that have changed are the multitude of covers that have been knitted (that was something that was done in the 60’s) or made for them, check out for some amazing designs.

What’s this got to do with Estate agency and buying and selling homes? Well like the Hot Water bottle the principles of buying and selling have remained the same, it's just been dressed in numerous covers… regulations and laws to protect the consumer and technology to ease and speed the process but unlike the Hot Water bottle its flawed and leaks. It can be so frustrating when you’ve agreed to buy or sell, and it then takes months before you can move. I quite often hear “In other countries they do this in a couple of weeks” Believe it or not it doesn’t have to take months, granted the systems in other countries is different but it can be done here. There are too many buying and selling situations to go through here but the crux of it is that you have to be SUPER organised and choose an agent, mortgage advisor and solicitor who is thinking like you. If you just go on price it’ll be “pot luck” as to how quickly you move! For any advice call me 01375 372825 David

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