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Life seemed perfect to Mark when the widower brought his new bride Lisa home to the lovely two-story cottage he had built for his deceased first wife.  Things were very happy for about a year, and Mark was ecstatic when he learned Lisa was expecting twins. The house was rather small for a double addition to the family, so Mark and Lisa put the cottage up for sale and started searching for a bigger house. That’s when the problems began.

Suddenly, the cottage would be filled with the distinctive smell of expensive perfume. The first time Mark smelled it, he turned pale and told Lisa that it was the scent his dead wife had favoured.  Then furniture that Lisa had rearranged moved back to its original place. The books in Mark’s study were taken out of their categories and put in alphabetical order, the way his former wife had kept them. The ghost of Mark’s first wife had returned to the little cottage. But why now, a full year after he had remarried?

One morning, Lisa was walking upstairs and saw a young woman floating a foot above the staircase. 

 “This is my house. Don’t sell my house!” the woman said. Her pretty face transformed with rage. She shook her fist at Lisa. Lisa shrieked and ran downstairs and outside 
Slamming the door behind her, Lisa locked it and sat down on the lawn, gasping for breath. All at once, the door started shaking violently….

I recently sold a house which turned into a bit of a nightmare…. nothing like Lisa and Marks but I wanted to share it with you. Our elderly clients had exchanged contracts on their home and were making what for them was probably their last move. The moving day had been set two weeks after exchange to give them time to arrange their removals and pack their house ready for the big day. The day came and the removal company arrived in plenty of time, taking great care to pack the lorry ready for their fifteen-mile journey to their new home. All was going well and by 11.30 they were on the road after a few tears and a fond goodbye to their old house. They arrived at their new home by 12.30 and were looking forward to receiving the call from their solicitor that all of the monies had transacted and they could start moving in. The time went on and their solicitor hadn’t received the monies, unperturbed they thought they’d go and have a spot of lunch expecting that call while they were away. 2 o’clock came and they received a call to say that their buyers solicitor had definitely sent the money and that they were just waiting for it to show in their bank. 2.30 came the solicitor was getting worried and called the buyers solicitor, once again they confirmed that the monies had been sent but on checking the account details had sent it to the wrong account…. Then the panic set in they had no idea whose account it had gone to and were desperately trying to retrieve it, all their bank could say was that they’d have to try and do a trace on it and retrieve it but this could take two to three days. Our sellers were distraught, they had a lorry full of their belongings and nowhere to go other than back to their old house, as it was their family stepped in and looked after them.

Mistakes do occasionally happen but this was un-excusable, when dealing with people’s lives a failsafe checking system should be in place. Dealing with solicitors and conveyancers on a daily basis it came as no surprise to me that that the solicitors were a large call centre operation. They may offer cut price fees but in doing so cut corners and as we’ve seen turned what should have been a happy experience into a NIGHTMARE!! 


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