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This has little to do with estate agency other than to show how powerful words can be.

    A blind man is sitting on a busy street with a cardboard sign next to a tin cup saying I'm Blind, Please Help. People are walking past and, apart from the odd coin being thrown his way, his tin cup is empty.

    A young woman walking past sees his sign so she picks it up and writes something on the other side before putting it back down. While she's writing the blind man touches her shoes before she walks away.

    Suddenly, people begin showering the blind man with money. Later that day, the woman stops by again to see the cup filled with money. The blind man feels her shoes again and, recognising her, asks what she did to his sign.

    Click Here To See What She Changed ('ll have to skip the ad)

    The right words can make a difference... perhaps the difference between having an offer accepted or refused!

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