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I was talking to a tenant last week who’d had a flood in the flat he rented, it wasn’t too major but cost him about £1000 to replace his furnishings and possessions which were ruined.  The flood wasn’t his fault or his landlords as the water came in from the flat above. The tenant thought he could claim from the landlord but this wasn’t to be. You see the tenant should have had his own contents insurance!

So often we hear of tenants and even owners not having any contents insurance, quite often because they forget about it or just think that they’ll never have a claim. Insurance doesn’t need to be expensive. I just did a quick search online and Aviva is offering a five-star insurance from £49… I’m not on commission and there are other insurances available

It’s worth looking at and could save you money in the long term as well as a lot of heartache.    

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