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Copes futureSo to the next 35 years, artificial intelligence and virtual reality will become common household additions. Fabrics will have the ability to change colours and patterns, we’ll have digital wallpaper, with virtual reality you’ll be able to change the view from a room or substitute travel and allow you to explore the world and to experience the full sensation through virtual environments. Our personal profiles will be used to adapt furniture to our bodies. Sleeping environments will change with anti-sound technology. Cooking will be done by robots and 3D printers, no doubt putting fast -food takeaways out of business. Smart technology will see advances “For instance if you were to leave the house for a run your fitness tracker could communicate with your home to ensure that there was ample hot water ready for a shower when you got home”     

Food for thought! Or a 3D printer? If you haven’t seen one in action they’re amazing, I recently saw one on a fact finding trip to a secondary school for my daughter.

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